Tejas, Enterprise Eye Expanding NGL Lines

Depressed gas liquids prices don’t affect the need foradditional liquids transportation capacity in the Gulf of Mexicoregion in the view of two companies that last week joined to expandLouisiana pipeline facilities.

January 11, 1999

San Juan Leads West Plunge; Flat Otherwise

A continuation of intense heat in the Eastern U.S. lentfundamental support to gas markets in the region Friday, keepingcash prices flat to slightly higher or lower for the weekend.Again, though, it was a case of “not so” in the San Juan Basin,Rockies and California. Although east-of-California markets sawhigh temperatures approaching or surpassing 100 degrees, a dearthof demand from the Golden State and the unrealized threat of an OFOon El Paso caused gas to back up into the San Juan-Blanco pool,resulting in a steep dive of nearly 30 cents. One source, whopicked up an early Blanco package at $1.78, about a dime down fromThursday, paid only $1.59 near the end of trading.

June 29, 1998
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