Transwestern’s Valet Service Raises Protest

With its proposed valet service, Transwestern Pipeline isattempting to profit from the coordination problems that haveplagued the nationwide transportation grid since the Gas IndustryStandards Board’s intra-day nominations timeline was implemented inearly November, Dynegy Inc. says. It has asked FERC to eitherreject the service or modify it.

December 8, 1998

Wild Goose Storage Raises Competitive Issues in CA

A Canadian-backed merchant underground storage operator hasraised a red flag in California’s ongoing, but delayed, natural gasrestructuring proceedings by questioning how new energy marketplayers can compete with, but be dependent on, the state’s majorinvestor-owned utilities.

November 23, 1998

Energy Stocks Rise on Market’s High Tide

Energy stocks gave credence to the adage that a high tide raisesall boats as they followed Wednesday’s market rally, generallyrising one to two points. While energy shareholders are surelyenvious of the leap made by the market stars’ – technology stocks -the share price boost was welcome good news in a marketplaceplagued by depressed commodity prices.

September 24, 1998

Hebert Attack Raises Tensions at FERC

Tensions between Commissioner Curt Hebert Jr. and some fellowcommissioners, which have been rumored to be running high over thepast months, boiled over in the public meeting last week when thecombative regulator publicly labeled as “disingenu[ous] andintellectually dishonest” the majority’s decision in ahydroelectric dam decommissioning case.

September 21, 1998

Allegheny, DQE Merger Raises Competition Concerns

FERC last week put off a final ruling on the troubled merger ofAllegheny Energy and DQE Inc., parent of Duquesne Light, until thepartners decide how they want to resolve some serious competitiveconcerns. The Commission gave them the option of divesting DQE’s570-MW Cheswick Generating Station or proceeding to hearing ontheir own mitigation measures, which include relinquishing controlof the Cheswick output on a short-term basis and joining theMidwest independent system operator (ISO).

September 21, 1998

FERC Raises Number of Intra-Day Noms to Three

In a move FERC said will “create a more integrated and efficientinterstate pipeline grid,” the Commission adopted standards thisweek that will expand from one to three the number of intra-daynomination opportunities for shippers on all interstate pipelines.The intra-day nomination schedule was proposed by the Gas IndustryStandard’s Board in March, by FERC in a notice of proposedrulemaking in April and this week was made part of the Commission’sregulations with required pipeline implementation by Nov. 2.

July 17, 1998

Sable Raises Production Estimates

In the official launch of the $3 billion Sable Offshore EnergyProject (SOEP) in Halifax earlier this week, project owners raisedexpectations for gas reserves and production. “Our ongoingtechnical studies and interpretation of the 3-D seismic informationgathered in 1996 and 1997 show that the potential exists for morethan the 3.1 Tcf we estimated as the basis for our development planapplication,” said Mobil Oil Canada President Jerry Anderson. “Thegood news is that we might expect to recover more than 3.5 Tcf.This larger potential resource base will enable us to increaseinitial production rates to more than 500 MMcf/d, depending on suchfactors as markets, well performance and operating efficiency.” Theowners originally expected 460 MMcf/d. The additional production,however, will be within the facilities design capacity of 554MMcf/d, they said.

February 13, 1998
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