Salomon Sees 522 Bcf Storage Surplus by April

In its weekly outlook on gas storage levels, Salomon SmithBarney (SSB) raised its forecast of expected storage levels at theend of the winter heating season by 117 Bcf from the previous week.The firm, which has grown increasingly bearish because of theclimbing storage surplus, now expects there to be 1,423 Bcf ofworking gas in storage on April 3, which would be 522 Bcf more thanthe four-year average on that date and 364 Bcf more than the sametime last year. Working gas levels in storage as of Feb. 12 were at1,887 Bcf, which is 462 Bcf more than last year on the same date,according to the American Gas Association (AGA).

February 24, 1999

TX Merchant Power Moving Ahead

Calpine Corp. has raised $265 million to complete constructionof a 510 MW expansion of its Pasadena, TX, power plant. Calpine,based in San Jose, CA, and the largest independent power producerin Texas, broke ground on the Pasadena plant expansion in November.The company expects to begin electricity production in June 2000 tohelp meet peak summer demand. The Pasadena plant currentlygenerates up to 240 MW of capacity. With the expansion, it willgenerate enough electricity to power 750,000 households.

February 8, 1999

Wild Goose Storage Raises Competitive Issues in CA

A Canadian-backed merchant underground storage operator hasraised a red flag in California’s ongoing, but delayed, natural gasrestructuring proceedings by questioning how new energy marketplayers can compete with, but be dependent on, the state’s majorinvestor-owned utilities.

November 23, 1998

Texas Lease Sale Results Down on Soft Prices

The latest lease sale by the Texas General Land office raised$9.2 million Tuesday, down considerably from previous sales of thisspring. The highest bids for tracts were in the bays along thecoast, with the highest single bid from Sabco Oil & Gas Corp.of more than $1.11 million for 320 acres in Corpus Christi Bay. Thesecond highest bidder was Petsec Energy Inc., totaling $275,572 foran 1,135-acre High Island tract off Jefferson County in the Gulf ofMexico. The third highest bidder was Seneca Resources Corp. for a320-acre gulf tract off Brazoria County. The Seneca bid was$236,309.

October 9, 1998
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