Bears Win Small Victory, Hold Bulls at $2.58

Following two days of nearly unchecked buying last week, bullswere quick out of the chute again yesterday as they bid the Augustcontract higher in early trading. However, the same profit takingwhich capped gains Friday thwarted the buying again yesterday whenprices could not break above the $2.58 level. The August contractspent the rest of the session chopping sideways before eventuallyfinishing up 1.4 cents to $2.542.

July 27, 1999

Bears Draw First Blood, Send June Below $2.20

Following last Friday’s near price-stalemate, bears were quickout of the blocks yesterday, and within the first hour of tradingthe June contract reached it’s lowest level since April 19. Themarket received a slight buying boost before the noon hour, butsellers were at it again yesterday afternoon, carving out a $2.145low in choppy trading activity. The June contract finished at$2.176, down 4.9 cents for the session.

May 25, 1999

New Screen Strength Generates Tiny Cash Rebound

The price plunge that had seemed to be gearing up Wednesday cameto a quick halt Thursday as cash quotes were “up a ‘smidge,’ maybea penny or two,” according to a trader doing business in theMidcontinent and Southwest. Sources dragged out the old refrain of”following the screen,” although the tiny upticks in cash laggedfar behind the near-dime increase in the Henry Hub futures contractfor June. Essentially the screen strength arrested a developingbearish trend for cash.

May 14, 1999

AGA’s New President Promises to Hold Down Costs, Dues

It’s been a quick five months since David Parker took over thehelm at the American Gas Association but he’s already shown awillingness to pick up the cost-cutting flag and run with it.Parker said yesterday in an interview with NGI he’s made acommitment to the AGA board to continue restructuring measures,including changes that will further cut costs and hold down dues.

February 25, 1998
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