Special Feature : Lobsters V. Oil/Gas on Georges Bank

International gas producers are sailing into a political stormas they pursue their next drilling target off the East Coast, theCanadian half of Georges Bank between Nova Scotia and New England. Three wholly-owned arms of senior U.S. gas suppliers – TexacoCanada, Chevron Canada and Amoco Canada – are out to persuadeCanadian federal and provincial authorities to let a moratorium onresource exploration on Georges expire.

October 5, 1998

Small Gains Dominate, but Gulf Coast Retreating Late

Thursday was an excellent day to pursue a sell-early, buy-latestrategy in the Gulf Coast, according to a marketer. He saw TranscoStation 65, Henry Hub and TGT SL uniformly start around $2 even,then get up to $2.03 before falling back to the mid $1.90s in lateactivity. He thought the early cash strength was based on thescreen rising a few cents, but a lack of fundamental demand failedto support the upticks

June 12, 1998

Viking to Pursue Its Own Pipeline Expansion

Viking Gas Transmission formally dropped out of the VikingVoyageur partnership earlier this week and now plans to test themarket for a separate, smaller expansion of its existing system,VGT President Greg Palmer, a former spokesman for Voyageur, saidyesterday. VGT intends to hold an open season to collect customerinterest in the project this summer.

April 24, 1998
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