Transportation Notes

Based on weather forecasts and projected demand, Sonat isimplementing an OFO Type 3 today for seven system groups:Birmingham Group, South Main Zone 2, Atlanta Group, South Main Zone3, East of Wrens, Brunswick Line and Savannah Line.

December 28, 1999

Transportation Notes

Florida Gas Transmission extended maintenance at Station 14 in theFlorida Panhandle through Dec. 4, three days beyond the originallyprojected end date (see Daily GPI,Nov. 29). As previously posted, the work limits FGT’s market areato about 1.3 Bcf/d. Due to significant demand, the pipeline Wednesdayissued an Overage Alert Day notice for the system east of Station12. It carries a 6% tolerance for negative daily imbalances.

December 2, 1999

Transportation Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric issued a high-inventory OFO,effective Saturday, with 5% tolerance for positive dailyimbalances. The utility projected above-target linepack throughtoday. However, fellow California distributor SoCal Gas did nothave an OFO-like Overnominations Day in place for Saturday.

August 16, 1999

Major Pipe Expansions Too Costly in Short Term

Current and projected economics will not support any of themajor pipeline expansions to the Northeast from the Midwest atleast until 2004, a new study by Energy ERA, a Calgary, AB-basedenergy consulting firm, concludes. The Portland Natural GasTransmission and Maritimes &amp Northeast pipelines as well as thepipeline expansions currently planned in the Gulf of Mexico will besufficient to meet growing gas demand in the Northeast over thenext few years.

March 22, 1999

Canadian Gas Demand Projected to Rise 30% in 12 Years

The Canadian Gas Association’s 1998 demand forecast showsoverall domestic gas consumption increasing nearly 30% over thenext 12 years to 100.7 billion cubic meters in 2010. The industrialsector is expected to enjoy the strongest growth (up 38% over theforecast period), largely driven by increases in power generation.In 2010, the industrial sector will represent 63% of total end-usegas demand in Canada, with consumption pegged at 63 billion cubicmeters. This compares to 45.7 billion cubic meters in 1998.

December 22, 1998
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