Transportation Notes

The electric unit at Reliant’s Buckley Compressor Station northof Shreveport, LA has shut down because of internal problems. Theoutage may last several weeks, a gas control staffer said; anupdate will be posted soon on the pipeline’s bulletin board.

December 14, 1999

Peachtree Still Not Out Of Georgia Woods

Although the sale of its customers to Shell Energy Services wasfinalized last week, Peachtree Natural Gas is not clear of problemsyet. The Georgia Public Service Commission (GPSC) told NGI it isinvestigating slamming charges against the embattled marketer. GPSCCommissioner Bobby Baker said a slamming investigation is currentlyunder way and that anywhere from several hundred to severalthousand gas customers could be affected. There is no timeframe forthe conclusion of the investigation.

December 13, 1999

Transportation Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric said Friday it was working to resolveproblems with the OFO/EFO Outlook and System Inventory Status linkson its Pipe Ranger web site, hoping to restore them to operationSunday. Meanwhile, the utility assured shippers that no OFO hadbeen called for Saturday.

December 13, 1999

Transportation Notes

ANR said horsepower problems at its Grand Chenier (LA)Compressor Station, which are restricting combined capacity fromHIOS and near-shore West Cameron production to about 600 MMcf/d,should be repaired by Dec. 15. That will restore capacity to 750MMcf/d, ANR said.

December 10, 1999

Transportation Notes

Destin Pipeline reported experiencing problems at both the MainPass 260 platform and the BP Amoco Pascagoula Processing Plant with”some objectionable substance” flowing into the system. It cut theVKGS Main Pass 260 point to 50% of scheduled volumes Monday. Thepoint was shut in Tuesday and no nominations are being acceptedthere until further notice, Destin said.

September 22, 1999

Internet Problems Disrupt Altrade Gas Trading

An IBM Internet outage that affected many western and Canadiancustomers last week temporarily cut off access to Altrade’selectronic gas trading system Thursday afternoon costing thecompany and its customers at least 5 Bcf/d in trading volume duringa peak bidweek trading period.

August 2, 1999

Transportation Notes

Questar is cutting about 25,000 Dth/d while repairing mechanicalproblems that began Tuesday afternoon on its No. 3 compressor atFidlar Station.

June 17, 1999

Transportation Notes

The Amoco processing plant serving Destin Pipeline is havingproblems with its liquids handling facility, reducing the handlingcapacity by 50% as of Monday, according to the Destin bulletinboard. Amoco estimates the reduction will last about a month. Thereis enough remaining capacity to process current daily liquidsvolumes, according to Destin, but if those volumes increase beyondAmoco’s capabilities the pipeline “could be forced to take furtheraction should the quality of the gas not meet market requirements.”

May 5, 1999

Industry Tackles Y2K Remediation, Survey Says

Almost a third of gas and oil companies surveyed expect to havecompleted Year-2000 (Y2K) remediation by the end of the year,according to the results of a new survey by the Natural Gas Council (NGC) that was released last week. It further found that73% said they would be ready by June 1999, while all respondentsindicated they would be ready by December 1999.

September 22, 1998

Transportation Notes

El Paso continued a 30 MMcf/d allocation of the San JuanCrossover through today due to unforeseen problems extendingmaintenance on the Laguna Station (Cibola County, NM) #3compressor. El Paso also postponed maintenance on the WendenStation (La Paz County, AZ) “A” turbine, which had been scheduledearlier this week, to March 16-18 to coincide with a total shutdownof the station March 17. Havasu Crossover capacity will be cut by80 MMcf/d on March 16 and 18 and by 150 MMcf/d on March 17.

February 26, 1998
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