Major Growth Expected in U.S. LNG Market

Once upon a time, some regions of the United States were havingproblems meeting peak seasonal demand for natural gas. Inadequatepipeline and storage capacity, combined with production exceedingnew natural gas discoveries, sent suppliers looking foralternatives. Imported liquefied natural gas became a hotcommodity. Now the story has been rewound and is playing all overagain — with bigger players and a wider stage.

February 9, 2001

CA ISO Invokes Order Issued by DOE’s Richardson

With reserves dropping due mostly to in-state transmissionproblems causing potential shortfalls centered in the northern halfof the state, California’s state-chartered independent systemoperator (Cal-ISO) went after emergency supplies Tuesday byinvoking the federal order issued by DOE Secretary Bill Richardsonlast week as California faced the prospect of rolling blackoutsbecause it reserves dipped below 1.5% at one point (Dec. 13).

December 20, 2000

FERC Unveils Remedy for El Paso Allocation Woes

Frustrated by the inability of El Paso Natural Gas and itsshippers to resolve the capacity-allocation problems on thepipeline, FERC yesterday unveiled its own “multi-step” solutionthat requires El Paso to make a one-time assignment of primary firmcapacity rights based on shipper elections to alleviate thecongestion surrounding gas shipments to the Southern CaliforniaGas/Topock point and the other three Topock points.

October 26, 2000

Mountain Energy Has Excedrin Legal Headache

The legal problems of Mountain Energy Corp., a Midwest gasmarketer that has been accused of defrauding customers andsuppliers out of millions of dollars, are mounting.

October 25, 2000

CA Regulators Begin Tackling Power Problems

Taking its cue from the governor and state legislature, California regulators Thursday began implementing rate relief for San Diego electricity consumers, retroactive to June 1. It became effective immediately. An investigation of San Diego Gas and Electric Co.’s actions leading up to this summer’s price spikes was also approved as part of the action.

September 8, 2000

Storage Report Expected to Boost All Points Today

Continued heat problems in the West had Rockies and SouthernCalifornia border prices rising Wednesday, while the rest of themarket leveled off with mostly flat numbers. A bullish storagereport had sources predicting across-the-board upticks for today.

August 17, 2000

Transportation Notes

Problems with the Blanco Plant’s D1 turbine (see Daily GPI, June 8) were not as severe as anticipated,El Paso said, and thus it was being returned to service Friday alongwith the rest of the plant instead of remaining down through Sunday aspreviously estimated.

June 12, 2000

Transportation Notes

Reliant reported its #1 unit at the Amber Compressor Station(Grady County, OK) has gone down with mechanical problems and itcan not estimate the outage’s duration. Until further notice Westof Amber capacity is limited to 360,000 Dth/d.

March 29, 2000

DOT Reveals Pipeline Inspection Problems

The Inspector General of the Department of Transportation (DOT)has found severe shortcomings in the inspection practices andtraining of federal pipeline inspectors at DOT’s Office of PipelineSafety (OPS), according to a preliminary report. The unfavorableDOT report comes in the wake of a number of legislative measures onCapitol Hill seeking to reauthorize the Federal Pipeline SafetyAct.

March 9, 2000

Transportation Notes

Horsepower problems at the Grand Chenier (LA) Compressor Stationare more extensive than originally thought, ANR said, and willdelay completion of required repairs until Dec. 21. ANR hadpreviously expected to complete the work, which is reducing thestation’s normal capacity of 750 MMcf/d by about 150 MMcf/d,Wednesday (see Daily GPI, Dec. 10).

December 16, 1999