Reliant Energy Increases Midwest Power Presence

Reliant Energy improved its West Coast portfolio last week byannouncing a six-year agreement with the Springfield, IL municipalutility City Water, Light and Power (CWLP) to market its total 600MW generation. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

February 22, 1999

Sempra Buys CNG’s Wholesale Gas Portfolio for $48M

Consolidated Natural Gas Co. followed through on its plan toexit wholesale energy marketing yesterday by selling its gasmarketing operations, including supply, sales, storage andtransportation agreements, to Sempra Energy for $48 million.

July 22, 1998

New Jersey LDCs Team Up to Market Pipe Capacity

New Jersey Natural Gas Co. (NJNG) and South Jersey Gas Co. (SJG)have formed a one-year alliance to capitalize on supply portfolioassets and create new marketing opportunities. The LDCs agreed torelease capacity to each other for more effective marketing of thatcapacity. For instance, South Jersey is a bigger player than NewJersey Natural on pipelines Columbia and Transco, while New JerseyNatural is a bigger player on Texas Gas and CNG. Under thearrangement, South Jersey will release its contracts on Texas Gasand CNG to New Jersey Natural, and New Jersey Natural will releaseits Columbia and Transco capacity to South Jersey.

July 7, 1998

EES Makes Another Real Estate Alliance

Insignia/ESG, Inc. formed an alliance with Enron Energy Services(EES) to provide energy services for a 215 million-square-footportfolio of commercial and residential properties leased andmanaged by Insignia/ESG throughout the United States. Enron willanalyze energy consumption and cut costs through efficiencyenhancements. “This program will allow us to take advantage ofmarket opportunities that have arisen from deregulation of theenergy industry,” said Stephen B. Siegel, CEO of Insignia/ESG.

May 28, 1998
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