Federal Jury Finds Cabot Responsible For Tainted Pennsylvania Water Wells, Awards $4M-Plus

After deliberating for two days, a federal jury has awarded two families in rural Dimock Township, PA, more than $4 million, finding that Cabot Oil & Gas Corp.’s operations there were responsible for contaminating their water wells.

March 10, 2016

PDC Settles Class Action Lawsuit

PDC Energy Inc. has reached a settlement on a long-standing class action lawsuit with a group of investors, which should allow the company to get out from under legal fees and focus on its nascent core areas in Colorado and Ohio.

September 22, 2014

Federal Judge Considering Class Action in Virginia Royalty Cases

A federal judge is considering whether five separate cases against EQT Corp. and Consol Energy Corp. should proceed as class action lawsuits, a decision that could potentially add thousands of plaintiffs in Southwest Virginia to those who allege that the companies cheated them out of millions in royalty payments.

September 18, 2013

Pennsylvania DEP Secretary Blasts Lawmaker Over Water Testing Allegations

Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Michael Krancer took aim at a state lawmaker for accusing his agency of wrongdoing when it tested water supplies allegedly tainted by natural gas drilling.

November 19, 2012