Municipals Paying Now For Gas Later

For municipal gas buyers, the stars are lined up just right for striking a deal on supply. Low interest rates on municipal bonds and low gas prices have led to a rash of long-term prepaid transactions.

December 28, 1998

CMS Paying $2.2 Billion For Panhandle, Trunkline

In a surprise move announced Monday CMS Energy reached southfrom its Michigan distribution base to buy the Panhandle Easternand Trunkline Gas pipeline companies — pipes, storage and LNGterminal — from Duke Energy, solidifying its own supply line tothe Midcontinent and Gulf.

November 3, 1998

Enron, Columbia Still Paying for Retail Build-Up

Third quarter earnings of both Enron Corp. and Columbia EnergyGroup continued to show the costs of building up a retail marketingpresence. Both companies reported losses in their retail businessesin earnings reports.

October 14, 1998

Utilities Paying $4,000/MWh Request FERC’s Help

Charging “price gouging” and “a raw abuse of market power”several Midwest utilities and power marketers have asked theFederal Energy Regulatory Commission to hold an emergencyconference to find out what went wrong in the Midwest electricmarket last week that forced some to pay as much as $7,500 MWh.

July 2, 1998

Prices Up in Cool West, Down in Warm East

Cash prices for the last weekend of March appeared to be payingattention to weather fundamentals for a change Friday. Markets inthe West, where it was still cold enough to matter, tended to seegains of 2-5 cents. But east of the Rocky Mountains it was adifferent story as mild temperatures sent prices down by similaramounts.

March 30, 1998
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