After Rebound, Traders Bearish on Storage, Bullish on Summer

Propelled by a strong showing in the overnight Access tradingsession, natural gas futures clawed their way higher on the openThursday as short-term traders alleviated oversold positions.

January 26, 2001

Futures Rebound Might be Short Lived, Say Analysts

Buoyed by gains achieved in the overnight Access tradingsession, natural gas futures finished on a positive note Friday, asshort covering took back a small percentage of last week’s massivelosses. The February contract led the way, rumbling 32.3 centshigher to close at $7.459. Meanwhile, the out months were muchquieter with smaller gains in March, April and May almost offsetby modest losses in the rest of the strip.

January 22, 2001

Storm Pressures Futures Through Key Technical Level

Buoyed by storm concerns and another overnight session dominatedby buyers, natural gas futures jumped higher yesterday to post yetanother all-time record high. After opening right on top ofprevious resistance at $5.10, the October contract raced to its$5.223 high during the first 90 minutes of trading, triggering buystops on the way up. October finished just off its high at $5.195,up 14 cents for the session.

September 15, 2000

After Quiet Tuesday, Storm Fears Boost Futures Overnight

Choppy trading continued in the natural gas pit yesterday astraders deposited prices lower, after failing to break throughoverhead resistance on the open. However, after watching pricesrumble mostly sideways for the better part of the afternoon, bullswere once again on the offensive Tuesday evening in reaction toreports that a storm was forming in the western Caribbean Sea.

September 13, 2000

Amid Bearish Fundamentals, Futures Sag Ahead of Weekend

Fueled by strength in the overnight Access trading session,natural gas prices moved higher Friday morning as traders coveredshort positions acquired during the market’s 30-cent move lowerlast week. However, after peaking at $3.93 in the first hour oftrading, the bears went back to work and were ultimately successfulpushing the market lower on the day. The August contract finishedthe session down 2.6 cents at $3.834 in a session that saw anextremely-light, 48,413 contracts change hands.

July 24, 2000

Profit-Taking Stems Early Rally for Second Day in a Row

Boosted by a more than a nickel increase in during the overnightAccess trading session, followed by a second straight day of higherearly morning over-the-counter dealings, natural gas futures werequick out of the chute Tuesday as traders set their sights onceagain on the key $4.00 level. But just like Monday, yesterday’searly buying quickly turned into profit-taking when it becameapparent $4.00 was beyond bulls’ reach. The June contract finished6.7 cents stronger at $3.814, after trading within a tight,8.5-cent range.

May 24, 2000
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