Broomfield, CO, Again Votes for More Drilling Oversight

Broomfield, CO, which has long sought more oversight of oil and natural gas operations, on Tuesday called for rules that impact energy operations within city boundaries.

July 12, 2018

Court Upholds Decision Striking Down West Virginia County Injection Ban

An appeals court sided with EQT Corp. this week, affirming a district court’s decision to strike down a West Virginia county’s ordinance banning oil and natural gas wastewater injection wells.

August 31, 2017
Pennsylvania Appellate Court Again Finds NatGas Drilling Compatible with Residential Zones

Pennsylvania Appellate Court Again Finds NatGas Drilling Compatible with Residential Zones

A Pennsylvania appellate court once again has affirmed a key 2015 decision that found natural gas drilling is compatible with residential/agricultural (RA) zoning districts, rejecting a challenge from residents and environmental groups that argued the areas are not suitable for such development.

June 13, 2017

Pennsylvania Township Loses Fight to Ban Injection Wells

A small Northwest Pennsylvania township’s nearly four-year fight with Seneca Resources Corp. appears to be over after supervisors there overturned an ordinance banning underground injection wells that dispose of oil and natural gas wastewater.

August 19, 2016

Federal Court Rules WV County Injection Well Ban Violates State Law

A federal judge last week ruled that an ordinance passed by a Southern West Virginia county banning the disposal of oil and natural gas wastewater in underground injection wells violates state laws and is preempted by the state’s regulatory primacy over the practice.

June 13, 2016
Judge Stops WV County From Enforcing Injection Ban Pending Ruling

Judge Stops WV County From Enforcing Injection Ban Pending Ruling

West Virginia’s first county-wide injection well ban has been put on hold by a federal judge, raising questions over whether the local ordinance will survive a legal challenge.

January 26, 2016

Enviros Sue Kern County, CA, Over Oil, Gas Permitting Ordinance

Five environmental and community organizations on Thursday asked a local state court to set aside a Kern County, CA, ordinance passed last month to fast-track oil/natural gas permits, alleging that it violates state laws related to environmental protection, planning and zoning.

December 14, 2015

Federal Court Strikes Down Pennsylvania Township’s Injection Well Ban

A U.S. District Magistrate Judge has dealt a blow to a southwestern Pennsylvania township’s more than year-long fight to stop an underground injection well from operating inside its borders, striking down an ordinance it passed in June 2014 to ban oil and gas waste disposal wells.

October 19, 2015

Stillwater, OK, Sets New Rules For Oil, NatGas Drilling

Oklahoma earlier this year enacted a law reiterating its primacy in regulating drilling activities, but the city council in the university town of Stillwater, OK, on Monday passed an ordinance setting rules for oil and natural gas drilling within the city limits.

July 23, 2015

Texas Local Control Bills Rankle Muni League

Bills recently introduced in the Texas legislature intended to thwart local municipality interference with oil and gas drilling have raised the ire of the Texas Municipal League (TML), but an industry trade association said the proposed changes would strengthen the relationship between the state and cities in oil/gas regulation.

March 12, 2015
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