Transportattion Notes

Pacific Gas & Electric extended a Stage 1 Operational FlowOrder that began Thursday (see Daily GPI, June 11) through today.

June 12, 1998

Transportation Note

Due to excess supply levels threatening system integrity and aconstraint on storage injections, Sonat implemented an OperationalFlow Order Type 6 effective Saturday. The OFO carries tieredpenalties ranging up to $15/dth for shippers with positive dailyimbalances exceeding allocated volumes by 3% or 200 dekatherms. Forthe same reasons as above, Sonat began a production areapoint-specific OFO Type 5 for nine points on its 26-inch Main PassArea Line. A penalty of $15/dth is involved for affected shippersor poolers exceeding scheduled quantities by 4%. Finally, an OFOType 1 (force majeure notice) began Saturday in connection withSonat’s retirement of facilities at the Main Pass 127 platform,which involved shutting in the Main Pass 129 and Main Pass 129Redelivery points. The work, which originally had been scheduled tostart on Friday, was expected to last 24-48 hours.

June 1, 1998

Industry Unites to Oppose EDI Rule

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has succeeded incontriving an order (No. 587-G) that the natural gas industryalmost universally opposes, which is not that rare. What is rare,however, is the unanimity among pipelines, distributors, producersand end users on what is wrong with the Commission’s mandate thatall pipeline transactions be conducted over the Internet byelectronic data interchange (EDI) by June 1, 1999.

May 21, 1998

Transportation Note

Northwest said it would not issue an Operational Flow Order fortoday’s gas day even though repairs to Unit #1 at the Snohomish(WA) Compressor Station were continuing Wednesday. The pipelineexpected to complete the work by Wednesday night, but said an OFOstill might be possible should the maintenance continue throughtoday. Northwest credited cool weather and customer cooperation onbalancing with allowing it to meet demand for Sumas/SIPI gas overthe weekend. But with warming weather and continued high demand itis having difficulty meeting Primary Firm nominations without theSnohomish #1 unit

April 30, 1998

Price Drops of Up to a Nickel Dominate Market

Small decreases of 2-5 cents were the order of the day Tuesdayat most trading points, although a few managed to hang in there atflat levels. Moderating weather played some part, but the screen’sretreat late Monday along with another small drop Tuesday set thesofter mood, sources said.

March 25, 1998

Transportation Note

Reacting to frigid weather spreading into the Southeast, Sonatis implementing an Operational Flow Order Type 3 effective todayfor four groups: Birmingham Group, South Main Zone 2, South MainZone 3 and Brunswick Line. The OFO will be extended Wednesday tothe East of Wrens and Savannah Line groups. Due to compressorproblems, Sonat said, the level of interruptible service in the twoSouth Main zones will be less than normal in limitation periods. Inaddition, an OFO Type 22 notice to become effective Wednesday forseven groups was issued by Sonat affiliate South Georgia NaturalGas.

March 10, 1998
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