Chesapeake Energy Turns A Profit This 3Q

Chesapeake Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City generated third-quarternet income of $18.1 million and cash flow from operations of $43.4million on 32.7 Bcfe of production. Average commodity pricesrealized during the quarter were $18.90/barrel of oil and $2.26/Mcfof gas for a gas equivalent price of $2.40/Mcfe.

November 1, 1999

Industry Briefs

Coho Energy Inc., a Dallas-based independent oil and gasproducer focused on exploitation of underdeveloped oil propertiesin Oklahoma and Mississippi, announced it has filed a petition forChapter 11 bankruptcy protection in Dallas’ Federal BankruptcyCourt. The decision to seek protection was taken by Coho andcertain subsidiaries because the resolution of a restructuringcannot be completed without the protection and assistance of thebankruptcy court, the company said. Timing of the bankruptcy filingwas imposed by several factors including the repayment accelerationof the Company’s $240 million debt by its bank creditors lastThursday (See Daily GPI, Aug. 20), the inability of the banks andthe bondholders (the two large creditor groups) to reach asatisfactory agreement with each other, and the potential for oneof the bondholder’s being granted a summary judgment in its lawsuitagainst Coho for full payment of principal and past due interest.Coho said it is continuing to discuss a solution to its capitalneeds with the banks, the bondholders and other potentialinvestors. The company expects to file a plan of reorganizationwith the bankruptcy court in the near future.

August 25, 1999

Industry Briefs

Chesapeake Energy Corp. of Oklahoma City, OK, fully exercised ona cash-less basis the common stock purchase warrant issued to itfrom Gothic Energy Corp. in March 1998 and had thereby acquired2,394,125 shares of Gothic common stock. Chesapeake now owns about13% of Gothic’s common stock. The warrant for 2,439,246 shares hadbeen issued to Chesapeake as part of a transaction involving theacquisition by Chesapeake of shares of Gothic’s senior redeemablepreferred stock, a 50% interest in Gothic’s Arkoma basin gas andoil properties and a 50% interest in substantially all of Gothic’sundeveloped acreage. The shares were issued pursuant to thecash-less exercise provisions of the warrant that permittedChesapeake to surrender the right to exercise the warrant inexchange for a number of shares (45,121) of Gothic common stock.

August 19, 1999

American Gas Storage Survey

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August 16, 1999

Enogex Completes Transok Purchase

Enogex Inc. completed its acquisition of Transok LLC, a gatherer,processor and transporter of natural gas in Oklahoma andTexas. Enogex, a subsidiary of OGE Energy Corp., announced plans May17 to buy Transok from Houston-based Tejas Gas LLC, an affiliate ofShell Oil Co. for $701 million (See Daily GPI May 18, 1999).

July 2, 1999

American Gas Storage Survey

Natural Gas Intelligence the weekly gas market newsletter

January 4, 1999

Samson Adds Producing Properties

Samson Resources Co., of Tulsa has acquired a significant blockof producing oil and gas properties in Texas, Louisiana,Mississippi, Alabama, Oklahoma, and New Mexico. from Duer Wagner& Co. of Fort Worth. The purchase price was in excess of $40million. The properties are located in the same geographical areasas certain of Samson’s existing properties and include multipleopportunities for additional drilling and recompletions.

November 4, 1998

Seagull Buying TX, OK Assets

Seagull Energy agreed to buy an interest in a package of onshoreoil and gas properties in East Texas and western Oklahoma for $102million. The Houston-based company is buying the stock of privatelyheld BRG Petroleum of Tulsa, OK, and the assets of BRG’s limitedpartnerships and programs. The deal should be completed in about 60days. Proved oil and gas reserves total about 103 Bcfe. Dailyproduction from the properties net to the combined BRG interestslast year averaged about 18 MMcf/d of gas and 400 barrels of oiland natural gas liquids. Seagull has identified more than 160drilling locations and 60 recompletion opportunities, primarily inEast Texas. Seagull said it expects significant increases in bothproved reserves and production over the next few years.

March 31, 1998
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