Few Points Left Out of Overall Advance

Price moves continued to be mixed Tuesday, but this time flat to higher numbers nearly overwhelmed the occasional small loss. Although any potential tropical threat was still remote, the previous day’s 2-cent futures uptick along with scattered moderate increases in both heating and cooling load were enough to firm quotes at nearly all points.

September 21, 2011

Price Slide Continues, But at Slower Rate

Prices kept getting softer for the most part Thursday, but the declines were considerably smaller than those of the day before and an occasional flat point worked its way into the mix. Most drops were in single digits as they ranged from a couple of pennies to 15 cents or so.

April 15, 2005

Most of Market Is Mildly Softer for Weekend

With an occasional small gain mixed in here and there, prices were mostly flat to moderately softer in quiet trading Friday. Virtually all of the losses were in single digits, with a dime drop in Texas Eastern’s East Texas zone the sole exception.

February 23, 2004