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Transportation Note

Reacting to frigid weather spreading into the Southeast, Sonatis implementing an Operational Flow Order Type 3 effective todayfor four groups: Birmingham Group, South Main Zone 2, South MainZone 3 and Brunswick Line. The OFO will be extended Wednesday tothe East of Wrens and Savannah Line groups. Due to compressorproblems, Sonat said, the level of interruptible service in the twoSouth Main zones will be less than normal in limitation periods. Inaddition, an OFO Type 22 notice to become effective Wednesday forseven groups was issued by Sonat affiliate South Georgia NaturalGas.

March 10, 1998

Transportation Note

NGPL restored full nominations Friday at six wells on the NorthCuster gathering line in Custer County, OK. The wells had been cutto 1 MMbtu/d Tuesday after a line leak was discovered.

March 9, 1998

Transportation Note

Transwestern said its La Plata compressor station will be downthrough Thursday, March 5, for construction. There will be zerovolumes flowing from the Ignacio area to the Blanco Hub.Interconnects affected are NWPL-La Plata, WFS Ignacio Plant, andAmoco Florida River Plant. Capacity from the Blanco Hub to Thoreauwill remain at 800,000 MMcf/d. The same scenario also will applyMarch 28 through 31, Transwestern said.

March 4, 1998

Transportation Note

El Paso said effective March 1 it will offer four dailyscheduling cyles instead of two, additional reduction codes,enhanced pooling, enhanced bumping for firm shippers and extra helpmatching up DUNS numbers at certain points on the line. It alsowill modify the procedures used to balance pools. See the PassPortbulletin board for details

February 24, 1998
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