Landowners, Pipes Square Off Over Notification Issues

Landowners and interstate pipelines actually agreed on somethingearlier this week — neither were particularly thrilled with someof the initiatives proposed by FERC for carving out a greater rolefor landowners in the certificate process. But the reasons fortheir dissatisfaction were completely disparate.

June 23, 1999

Transportation Notes

El Paso will will allow neither injections nor withdrawals whenit shuts in the Washington Ranch storage facility April 19-25 formaintenance. Saying the project will severely limit its flexibilityin controlling linepack, El Paso asked in advance for customercooperation in “balancing very closely” scheduled receipts anddeliveries.

April 13, 1999

Balanced Bears, Bulls Stuck on Price See-Saw

Natural gas prices continued in their march of monotonyyesterday, as neither buyers nor sellers were able to tip the scalein their favor. Flatness ruled as a result, with many pricinglocations unchanged.

February 18, 1999

Quiet Trading Leaves Sources to Ponder Futures Direction

The futures market concluded the week on a quiet note Friday asneither bulls nor bears were able to influence a move in theirfavor. After a lower open the November contract quickly filtereddown, filling in the chart gap to $2.35. But the $2.35 level held,and the market was left to trend higher into the closing bell. TheNovember contract settled at $2.432, a 1.8-cent gain on the day.

October 5, 1998

August Futures Prices Neither Gain Nor Lose

Tuesdays are oftentimes a day of small prices changes at the NewYork Mercantile Exchange, and this Tuesday proved to be noexception. The spot August contract settled unchanged at $2.365yesterday, as many traders reportedly remained on the sidelines inanticipation of the next AGA storage report to be released laterthis evening.

July 8, 1998

Futures Traders End Week With Little Fanfare

The May Nymex contract nudged 0.4 cents lower to $2.475 Friday,amid a day when the contract could neither sustain a move belowtechnical support at $2.44 nor rise any higher than $2.498. Totalestimated volume came in at 46,216, much of which was the work oftraders covering positions before the weekend, a source said.

April 20, 1998
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