U.S. Shale Deals Lost Momentum in 3Q, Says Survey

The value of global oil and gas deals reached $85 billion during 3Q2010, but U.S. shale gas deals in the quarter lost the momentum from the first half of the year, according to a survey by Evaluate Energy Inc., which tracks global merger and acquisition (M&A) activity on a daily basis.

October 11, 2010

Futures Track Lower Ahead of Fresh Storage Data

With the momentum behind Monday’s rebound now fully dissipated, October natural gas futures on Wednesday returned to the recent business of scouting lower values. The prompt-month contract reached a low of $3.708 before closing the regular session at $3.762, down 5.4 cents from Tuesday.

September 2, 2010

Futures Sink as Rigs Hit 17-Month High

The natural gas futures market’s bearish momentum Thursday spilled over into Friday as the September contract recorded a low of $4.456 before closing the regular session at $4.467, down 13.1 cents from Thursday’s close and 45.6 cents lower than the previous week’s finish.

August 9, 2010

Upward Momentum Continues as Futures Near $5

With the peak season for Atlantic hurricanes upon us as the calendar flips to August, natural gas futures kept the momentum to the upside rolling on Friday as the September contract added 9.6 cents to $4.923. The contract closed the week 36 cents higher than the previous week.

August 2, 2010

Cash Points Retreat Mightily on Weak Futures Market

Unable to maintain the upside momentum that natural gas cash points have enjoyed for most of the last week and a half, averages on Wednesday fell in a big way, which just so happened to coincide with the first significant decline in front-month natural gas futures since the contract rollover on April 29.

May 20, 2010

Trading Range Still Holding; June Eases 5.6 Cents

June natural gas futures fell Tuesday as the market opened up but was unable to muster sufficient momentum to break higher. Some traders are still optimistic of an advance, however.

May 19, 2010

Cash Points Mostly Climb Ahead of Fresh Storage Data

Tuesday’s upward momentum carried over to Wednesday as most cash point averages for Thursday delivery climbed. Increases were predominant in every region except the East, which saw a few gains sprinkled in amongst no changes and declines.

May 6, 2010

Weak Fundamentals Stunt Futures Rally Once Again

Natural gas futures bulls tried to capitalize on Thursday’s momentum in early Friday trade by pushing the July contract north of $4.100, but profit-takers had other ideas as the prompt-month contract reversed course in a hurry to close the day’s regular session at $3.835, down 12.2 cents from Thursday’s finish.

June 1, 2009

Futures Continue Higher, But Traders Question Longevity of Run

Maintaining the momentum from the final two days of trading last week, natural gas futures on Monday — aided by strength in equities and petroleum futures — continued higher despite the lack of direct bullish fundamentals. The April contract climbed 6.7 cents to close at $4.294.

March 24, 2009

Futures Sink as Longs Feel the Squeeze

Capitalizing on Tuesday’s downward momentum, December natural gas futures dropped another 30 cents Wednesday to close at $6.405 as rumors swirled that longs were getting squeezed out of their positions.

November 13, 2008