Most Points Up; Tropical Storm Has Limited Impact

Spot gas prices were up — but relatively moderately outside some sections of the West — at most points Monday as traders returned to their offices to find Tropical Storm Edouard had sprung up offshore southeast Louisiana during the preceding afternoon. In fact, the big rally Monday that had been predicted going into the weekend (see Daily GPI, Aug. 4) due to forecasts of major heat in much of the U.S. was rapidly fizzling with prices tending to retreat as trading proceeded, a couple of sources said.

August 5, 2008

Limited Cold Spurs Softness at Most Points

Most of the cash market was moderately softer in post-Christmas trading Wednesday as forecasts of sub-freezing lows had become rather scarce outside the Rockies and some locations in the upper Northeast. Activity was predictably light as some traders remained out of the office on holiday vacations and Boxing Day was being observed in Canada.

December 27, 2007

Most Prices Up, But Rockies Crash and Burn Again

Prices rose moderately in most of the cash market Monday despite generally mild weather forecasts, but for the third week in a row quotes plunged to sub-dollar levels in the Rockies. A series of pre-dawn explosions on several gas pipelines in Mexico helped stoke some bullish sentiment as U.S. gas may be called upon to help replace Mexican supply shortfalls, although the U.S. export capability is limited (see related story).

September 11, 2007

Prices Rebound in Most of the Cash Market

Rather improbably, since cooling demand remains moderately subpar for early July outside the western U.S. and a holiday flow date was involved, prices rose in most of the cash market Tuesday. A few points that were flat to down about 15 cents extended a recent trend of mixed price movement nearly every day.

July 5, 2007

Mixed Prices Mostly Down; West Sees Spikes, Dives

Softness was moderately predominant in a mixed pricing environment Monday. Forecasts of pleasant to cool conditions Tuesday in the Midwest, Northeast and eastern end of the South resulted in drops at a majority of eastern points, although most of the Midcontinent recorded substantive gains.

May 8, 2007

Most Points Fall, But Screen Spike May Rally Cash

January-ending prices were down moderately at most points Tuesday despite below-normal temperatures continuing in several market areas. The overall softness was attributed to a 25.8-cent expiration-day dive by February futures Monday and growing use of storage supplanting new purchases of spot gas.

January 31, 2007

Most Points See Drops of Up to a Quarter

Most of the cash market was softer Friday, but it had a few flat to moderately higher points in the mix. A prior-day screen increase and some instances of rising cooling load were outweighed by a significant weekend cooldown in the Northeast and the drop in industrial load that typically accompanies a weekend. Also, excess supply issues were accumulating in the West, where many of the largest losses were recorded.

June 5, 2006

Increased Cooling Load Fails to Rally Prices

The holiday weekend effect of higher demand loss than usual trumped a minuscule prior-day screen gain and moderately rising power generation load as temperatures began heating up in northern market areas. The result: prices continued to fall at nearly all points Friday.

May 30, 2006

Northeast Falls Again; Rest of Market Flat to Up

Northeast citygates continued to slide moderately Thursday as a slow warming trend in the region proceeded, but all other points ranged from flat to 32 cents higher. Declines about midway between a dime and 15 cents at Tennessee Zone 6 and Transco Zone 6-New York City topped the losses.

April 7, 2006

Weather, Screen Keep Most Points in Steep Slide

A few instances of flat to moderately higher pricing showed up in the West, but an overwhelming majority of the cash market continued to probe lower levels Tuesday as traders returned from Christmas holiday. Widespread mild weather and the extension of natural gas futures plunges into their third day Tuesday weighed heavily on cash quotes.

December 28, 2005