Rail Terminal Planned to Serve Texas, New Mexico Producers

Rangeland Energy is buying land near Loving, NM, where it plans to develop a large terminal facility to handle crude oil, frack sand, pipe and other products; plans for a crude oil pipeline to the terminal also are in the works, the company said Monday.

March 21, 2013

Small Gains Prompt Locals, Producers to Draw Line in Sand

After apparently teasing volatility-loving traders Monday,natural gas futures have returned to the somewhat unspectaculartrading which marred the month of February by chopping lazilysideways for the past two days. Only subtle differences-Tuesday’slate decline vs. Wednesday’s late uptick-were seen asdistinguishing features in an otherwise featureless market. TheApril contract saw the largest gains, notching a 2.7-cent gain tofinish at $1.723 in light to moderate trading Wednesday.

March 4, 1999