Transportation Notes

Anticipating that high system linepack will continue through theweekend due to low gas demand and limited storage injectioncapability, Tennessee Tuesday issued an OFO Action Alert to takeeffect with Thursday’s gas day. Customers under Rate Schedules SA,LMS-PA, LMS-MA and transportation contracts not covered by abalancing agreement must keep deliveries into the system less thanor equal to scheduled quantities plus 2% (or 500 dekatherms,whichever is greater); takes from the system must be more than orequal to scheduled quantities minus 2% or 500 dekatherms. Tennesseeexpects the alert to remain in effect into the start of next week.

November 24, 1999

Transportation Notes

Northern Natural Gas extended a System Underrun Limitationcaused by high linepack at least through Saturday’s gas day. TheSUL began Friday (see Daily GPI, Nov. 11).

November 15, 1999

Transportation Notes

Saying it expects high system linepack due to reduced demand andlimited storage injection capability to continue through theweekend, Tennessee is issuing an OFO Action Alert effective withSaturday’s gas day for its entire system. Under the alert, shipperswill be penalized for daily positive imbalances that exceed a 2%tolerance range (or 500 Dth, whichever is greater) from scheduledquantities. Penalties will not apply to customers who underdeliverinto the system or overtake from it, or to customers under RateSchedule LMS-MA who have elected the Storage Swing Option or Swingon Storage. Tennessee expects the alert to remain in effect intonext week.

November 12, 1999

Transportation Notes

Both El Paso and Florida Gas Transmission lifted low-linepackOFOs Friday (see Daily GPI, Oct. 22).

October 25, 1999

Transportation Notes

Both Florida Gas Transmission and Pacific Gas & Electricextended low-linepack OFOs (see Daily GPI, Oct. 5)-FGT through Tuesday and PG&Ethrough today. Neither changed the OFO conditions. PG&E posts OFOsa day in advance, while FGT usually re-evaluates system conditionseach morning before deciding whether to declare one for that gas day.

October 6, 1999

Transportation Notes

Fearing excessive linepack over the weekend, Northern NaturalGas implemented a System Underrun Limitation in all market-areazones for the gas days of Saturday and Sunday. The SUL will endtoday.

September 27, 1999

Transportation Notes

Northern Natural Gas had a System Underrun Limitation in effectTuesday for all market-area zones to guard against excessivelinepack.

June 30, 1999

Transportation Note

Northwest continued Tuesday to ban any on-system balancing,warning that regional temperatures are getting warmer and linepack”is very high.” Shippers were asked to refrain from banking gas onthe system in order to avoid a potential entitlement.

June 3, 1998

Transportation Notes

Florida Gas Transmission said Thursday it was experiencing”extremely high” linepack and that Operational Flow Orders would beissued to customers taking less than scheduled volumes. Otheroperational tools such as an Alert Day notice were also beingconsidered, the pipeline said.

March 2, 1998
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