Spot Prices Falter; Trade Down to Bidweek Levels

March prices, which had roared off to a strong start on Monday,filtered lower Tuesday leaving traders wondering if March wouldfollow the weather adage and trade out like a lamb. Cash priceswere slipping anywhere from a couple cents to nearly a dime Tuesdayin most markets. In doing so, many spot points achieved in Marchwhat they were unable to do the entire month of February: tradebelow index. Rockies gas, however, remained in high demand, immuneto the overall losses.

March 4, 1998

Producers Launch Sable Island; Promise Deliveries in 22 Months

With all regulatory approvals in place at both Federal andProvincial levels, sponsors of the Sable Island Offshore EnergyProject last week signed both their key commercial agreements andthe Facilities Alliance Agreement to engineer, construct andinstall production and gathering facilities to handle delivery of 3.5 Tcf of gas from offshore Nova Scotia. This formally commits theowners to the $2 billion first phase, which will deliver the firstgas in late 1999.

February 16, 1998
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