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Transportation Notes

NGPL said it has not yet completed repairs of a leak discoveredlast week on its offshore High Island Block 71 Lateral. Productionfrom three points (High Island 71, High Island 139 and High Island116) has been scheduled to zero since Friday.

August 23, 2000

Transportation Notes

Tennessee confirmed a reported leak on its 26-inch 507K-100 Linein the West Cameron 177 area offshore southwestern Louisiana. Theimpact on area gas has not been determined yet, Tennessee said, butproduction from West Cameron 192 to onshore Grand Chenier could beaffected. A pipeline spokesman said Monday afternoon he understoodthat repairs might have been completed already, but he was unableto reach field personnel for confirmation.

June 20, 2000

Transportation Notes

As part of repair operations on its 100 Line #1 leak (see DailyGPI, Feb. 3), Tennessee has isolated andremoved from service sections of Lines #1 and #2. They are expected toremain out of service until Tuesday. Lines #3 and #4 remain inservice. The work is causing Tennessee to restrict through SecondaryServices meters (including the Zone 0 pool meter) upstream of Station40 (Natchitoches, LA).

February 4, 2000

Transportation Notes

Tennessee reported Wednesday the discovery of a small leak nearMain Line Valve 46 on the 100 Line #1 about 15 miles southwest ofWest Monroe, LA. Repairs are expected to take two days, duringwhich meters upstream of Station 47 (West Monroe) may berestricted, Tennessee said.

February 3, 2000

Transportation Notes

Tennessee reported Tuesday it had identified a minor valve leakon its 200 Line #2 near Main Line Valve 259 (West Granville, MA).Adverse weather is preventing repairs temporarily, Tennessee said,but it expects to make them Thursday. No nominations or schedulingcuts are anticipated before repairs begin, the pipeline said, butit may be required to limit meters downstream of Station 254 toprimary services for Thursday’s gas day.

January 26, 2000

Transportation Notes

A Matagorda Offshore Pipeline System 24-inch line leak at theMustang Island 758 delivery point was confirmed Wednesday morning,causing the shut-in of 17 of the 24 producing blocks connected toMOPS. Shippers and operators were being notified around noonWednesday that the outage, affecting a total of 129,743 MMbtu/d,will last about seven days.

September 10, 1999

Transportation Notes

NOVA estimated that repairs to a flange assembly leak on its NorthLateral (see Daily GPI, May 17), whichstarted Wednesday, would take 24-36 hours to complete. Some receiptsupstream of Dusty Lake Compressor Station are being curtailed by thework.

May 20, 1999

Transportation Notes

Northwest Pipeline experienced a leak Tuesday afternoon on itsVancouver (WA) Lateral. There were no injuries. Preliminaryinvestigation indicates third-party damage, the pipeline said.Service was disrupted to direct industrial customer Vanalco and toindustrial customers of LDC Northwest Natural Gas in the area untilbeing restored at 11:24 p.m. PST Tuesday.

March 25, 1999
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