Energy Transfer Employee, Others Arrested on Bribery Charges Over Mariner East Security

An Energy Transfer LP employee who oversaw security at work sites along the Mariner East (ME) pipeline project in Pennsylvania, along with four others from two different security companies, were arrested this week and charged with bribery, conspiracy and related offenses.

December 4, 2019

Clearlake’s IronGate, Knight Merger Expands North American Oil, Gas Rental Services

Private equity giant Clearlake Capital Group LP is merging portfolio companies IronGate Energy Services and Knight Oil Tools to create Knight Energy Services as one of the largest independent oil and gas rental tool companies in North America.

November 19, 2018

Peachtree Looks for Options as White Knight Fades

It will be a busy day for Georgia’s gas industry today as twoseparate meetings are being held which promise to go a long way indetermining the fate of the bankrupt Peachtree Natural Gas’ 170,000customers.

November 16, 1999

Pan Alberta Deal Nearing Completion

The next round of restructuring is about to unfold in Canada’snatural-gas community as a white knight buyer prepares to stepforward for the country’s second-biggest supply aggregator,Pan-Alberta Gas Ltd. In fact, a team of rescuers has emerged.Senior Canadian industry sources say a producer consortium has comeup with a winning bid that will both keep the mammoth dealer inhome-grown hands and heal the worst remaining sore spot in thecommunity.

July 10, 1998