Foothills Throws in with Alaska LNG Project

Foothills Pipe Lines Ltd. has joined as a sponsor of the AlaskaNorth Slope Gas Project, adding its pipeline expertise to the mixwhich includes producers and a marketer behind the multi-billiondollar project to carry North Slope gas to the Alaskan coast,liquefy it and ship the LNG to Pacific Rim markets.

August 14, 1998

Millennium Project to be Delayed Until November 2000

Millennium Pipeline yesterday joined a growing crowd of pipelineexpansions and projects that are being delayed until 2000. Thecompany informed the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission of therevised project schedule, which calls for some portions of the442-mile pipeline to be constructed in 1999, the balance beingbuilt the following year and service by November 2000. IndependencePipeline, a Millennium competitor, announced a similar delayearlier this year, and Alliance Pipeline said it too was forced toput off transportation services until winter 2000.

June 4, 1998
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