Unitil Buys Into Internet Transactions

Unitil Corp. of Hampton, NH, acquired a minority interest inNorth American Power Brokers Inc. for $3 M in cash, and haslicensed and will deploy North American Power’s Internet-basedtechnology for electricity and gas energy sales to retailconsumers.

March 26, 1999

Transportation Notes

CNG Transmission is holding an open season to solicit interestin 45-to-60-day firm storage service available in the 2001-2002winter season. The Market Choice Storage Project offers a limitedopportunity to obtain firm market-area storage on the CNGT system.The service includes up to three turns in the winter season, noratchets if inventory stays above 35 percent, and a five-year term.Price estimates are at projected General Storage Services and FirmTransportation rate schedules. CNGT’s pipeline system has access tosupply basins in Canada, the Gulf Coast, Midcontinent, andAppalachia for storage refill opportunities. The system offers keydelivery points, such as Leidy, Oakford, Ellisburg, Nokesville,numerous LDC citygates and its North and South points. The openseason began yesterday and concludes at 5 p.m. EDT April 30. CNGanticipates rolled-in pricing under Rate Schedule GSS. Forinformation, call Joe Kienle, director of business development,(412) 787-4248.

March 23, 1999


Leviathan Gas Pipeline Partners subsidiary Flextrend DevelopmentCo. bought a 100% working interest in the Sunday Silence field fromTatham Offshore Development, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DeepTechInternational, which was recently acquired by El Paso Energy. Thefield is contained within four blocks in the Ewing Bank area of theGulf of Mexico in about 1,500 feet of water. Flextrend has begundrilling of a new delineation well, the third to be drilled in thefield. Sunday Silence was discovered in July 1994, and its firstdelineation well was flow tested in September 1994 at a sustainedproduction rate of 8,700 barrels/d of oil and 5.4 MMcf/d of gas.Sunday Silence has received a royalty abatement from the MineralsManagement Service for its first 52.5 million Boe. ElÿPaso Energy,general partner of Leviathan, said the company plans to sell aportion of the field to a development partner as it is not thecompany’s custom to hold a large shares in single E&ampP ventures.

November 2, 1998

Industry Briefs

Sonat Energy Services purchased a 50-percent limited partnershipinterest in GPU International’s Mid-Georgia Cogen L.P. power plant.”Our experience in both natural gas and power marketing has shownus that investing in state-of-the-art natural gas-fired electricpower generation is a key ingredient to providing our customerswith the services they need in today’s competitive market,” saidSonat Energy Service s President Richard Bates. The 300 MWcogeneration power plant is a dispatchable natural gas-fired,combined cycle facility located in Kathleen, GA. It is scheduled toenter commercial operation in the second quarter of 1998. Inaddition to providing thermal energy to a Frito-Lay snack foodprocessing plant and electrical capacity to Georgia Power, thefacility also will be available to sell wholesale energy to avariety of customers. Mid-Georgia Cogen is the first independentpower project developed in Georgia.

February 27, 1998
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