Transportation Notes

Public Service Co. of Colorado and Cheyenne (WY) Light Fuel& Power will implement Operational Balancing Procedures in allareas effective Saturday and Sunday. The effect is to requireshippers to cut nominations to a level that does not exceedestimated daily consumption taken from a previous “Model Day” (inthis case July 4, 1999). Imbalance paybacks will not be allowedduring the OBP period.

July 16, 1999

Packaged Ice Picks Enron for Energy Outsourcing

Packaged Ice Inc. plans to outsource energy management of 60U.S. ice manufacturing facilities to Enron Energy Services (EES).Enron will evaluate and implement capital projects related toPackaged Ice’s “private utility” to increase productivity andefficiency of the plants. Enron also will provide electricity ormanage energy procurement at the facilities.

May 14, 1999

FERC Reaffirms Ruling On AGL Unbundling

FERC last week upheld an earlier order that paved the way forGeorgia’s largest utility to implement retail unbundling behind itscitygate in late 1998.

January 18, 1999

Commission Plans Second Auction Conference

FERC staff has scheduled a conference for Dec. 8th to addressall policy and technical issues associated with the Commission’sproposal to implement auctioning of pipeline capacity in theshort-term market.

November 16, 1998

ARCO Joins Belt-Tightening Trend

ARCO said it will implement a cost reduction program designed toreduce before-tax costs by more than $500 million over the next twoyears. Approximately $350 million of the cost savings are expectedin 1999. The cost reductions will fall largely into fourcategories: upstream operating and support costs; explorationspending; downstream operating and support costs; and costs for thecorporate center and support services. ARCO’s increasedconcentration on core exploration and production areas and therecent divesting of non-strategic assets have facilitated theadditional cost reductions.

October 16, 1998

Natural’s Negotiated-Rate Plan ‘Premature’

FERC earlier this week rejected Natural Gas Pipeline Company ofAmerica’s (NGPL) proposal to implement negotiated rates on itssystem, saying that such a move would be “premature” until it couldact on the pipeline’s proposed auction procedures that are pendingas part of a comprehensive settlement.

September 2, 1998

Michigan PSC Approves MichCon Choice Program

The Michigan Public Service Commission (MPSC) quickly approved aproposal by MichCon to implement a three-year plan to offer its 1.2million residential and commercial gas customers the opportunity toselect alternative natural gas suppliers. The plan also cuts andfreezes gas costs for customers who stay with MichCon as their gasprovider.

May 1, 1998

ANR Plans New, Expanded Services

Coastal’s ANR Pipeline is seeking FERC approval to implement twonew interruptible services and expand service options availableunder its firm storage service tariff. The proposed new servicesare called interruptible parking and lending service, andinterruptible wheeling service. “We are offering these new servicesin response to requests by our customers, who have indicated a needfor more product choices and flexibility due to the dynamic natureof today’s natural gas marketplace,” said Jeffrey A. Connelly, ANRCEO. “The revisions we are proposing to our firm storage servicewill provide ANR’s shippers with an array of additional serviceflexibility in managing their supply portfolios.”

April 2, 1998
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