West Virginia Unlikely to Shut Morgantown Wells

West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Secretary Randy Huffman told NGI’s Shale Daily it is unlikely that the DEP would honor a request by the City of Morgantown to issue a stop work order on two Marcellus Shale gas wells in the city’s industrial park.

June 6, 2011

Transportation Notes

Southern California Gas regained 1 Bcf/d of storage withdrawal capacity Wednesday. It reported completion of maintenance work at the Honor Ranch facility (see Daily GPI, Sept. 19).

October 4, 2007

ATS Says It Will Continue Energy Partners Pursuit

Woodside Petroleum Ltd. subsidiary ATS said in a regulatory filing Wednesday that it won’t honor a request to suspend its hostile $23/share offer for Energy Partners Ltd. (EPL).

November 9, 2006

Wisconsin Electric Power Suing Union Pacific Over Coal Deliveries

Another electric utility filed suit last month against Union Pacific Railroad Co. (UP) alleging the railroad has failed to honor coal delivery obligations.

May 1, 2006

GreenMountain.com Starts ‘Tree-Free Billing

GreenMountain.com, a retail electricity marketer with a penchantfor things environmental, will plant a tree in honor of allPennsylvanians who use its “Tree-Free Billing” program —otherwise known as an Internet account.

December 14, 1999

FERC Slaps CNG’s Hand, Grants NAEC’s Complaint

FERC gave CNG Transmission a slap on the hand last week andordered the pipeline to honor a shipper’s right of first refusal(ROFR) on a 13,350 Dth/d package of capacity that was sold toanother party last month. The Commission also intends to take acloser look at CNG’s capacity reservation and posting practices.

September 27, 1999

FERC Slaps CNG’s Hand, Grants NAEC’s Complaint

FERC gave CNG Transmission a slap on the hand and ordered it tohonor North American Energy Conservation’s (NAEC) right of firstrefusal (ROFR) on 13,350 Dth/d of firm transportation capacity for atleast one year. But the Commission also intends to take a closer lookat CNG’s capacity reservation and posting practices and wants thepipeline to explain why it discriminated against NAEC in awarding thecapacity to another shipper (see Daily GPI, Sept. 8).

September 22, 1999

Grays Ferry Partners Battle Over Purchase Agreement

Trigen Energy announced it is mounting a legal battle to forcePECO Energy to honor terms of a Gray’s Ferry power purchaseagreement. Trigen said the Grays Ferry Cogeneration Partnershipreceived a letter from PECO saying the Pennsylvania utility couldnot pay the full contract price for electricity from the 150 MWcogeneration plant. The plant sells electricity to PECO and steamto Trigen-Philadelphia Energy. It is located in Philadelphia andwent into commercial operation earlier this year. Ironically,Exelon, a wholly owned subsidiary of PECO Energy, is a one-thirdowner in the project with Trigen and NRG Generating.

March 10, 1998