Transco’s Cash-Out Proposal Comes Under Fire

Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line’s proposal to revise the existingcash-out provisions of its tariff has come under heavy attack fromlarge shippers on its system.

October 27, 1999

Enterprise Processing Shell’s Gulf Production

Continuing its strategy to be a heavy hitter in the Gulf Coast natural gas liquids market, Enterprise Products Partners LP of Houston last week acquired Tejas Natural Gas Liquids LLC from Shell Oil affiliate Tejas Energy LLC and signed a long-term gas processing agreement with Shell for its entire bounty of Gulf of Mexico gas production. The deal was announced in April.

September 27, 1999

Futures Trend Lower Before and After Confusing AGA Data

For the third day in a row, the futures market caved under heavyselling pressure Wednesday as traders anxiously unloaded longpositions and initiated fresh shorts. Even major support at $2.24offered bulls no reprieve as sellers pushed the December contractdown 7.5 cents to settle at $2.204.

November 19, 1998

Sub-$2 Prices No Problem for November Futures

The futures market experienced heavy expiration-day lossesyesterday, adding to price erosion that occurred Tuesday. Novemberwas particularly hard hit, slipping 13.6 cents to settle at $1.972.Weak October cash prices and follow-through selling by traders whohave elected to ignore and discount the threat of Hurricane Mitchwere reasons cited for the decline. Trading was active, with nearly150,000 contracts changing hands.

October 29, 1998

Futures Losses Continue in Moderately Heavy Trade

After gapping lower at the open for the second day in a row,natural gas futures continued to free-fall in lackluster holidaytrading Monday. Weak cash market pricing and a quicklydeteriorating technical picture were cited as reasons for the10.2-cent decline in the November contract. By settling at $2.089,November has dropped over 30 cents in the last three tradingsessions.

October 13, 1998

Futures Probe Lower on Follow-Through Selling

Futures came under heavy follow-through selling pressure fromall segments of the market Friday, adding to a 14-cent lossregistered Thursday. Sources pointed to a weak cash market, whichwas joined by fresh bearish technicals late last week, as reasonsfor the decline. The November contract gapped lower Friday andtrended mostly lower throughout the session to settle at $2.191, a6.3 cent decline.

October 12, 1998

Futures Freefall as Hurricane Concerns Begin to Ebb

Futures came under heavy selling pressure early in the dayMonday, and the market never looked back as traders began discountto the threat of Hurricane Georges causing a major impact to gasproduction. “There was only one certainty you could bank on cominginto the market [Monday] morning. Momentum-whichever way the marketmoved at the open would dictate the direction for the rest of thetrading session,” a New York broker said. The October contract wasdealt the largest losses, slipping 15 cents to limp off the boardat $2.031.

September 29, 1998

Futures Retrace Lower on AGA Data

The futures market came under heavy selling pressure earlyThursday, adding to losses that began in the Wednesday eveningAccess session. However, the October contract was unable to broachsupport at $2.075, and buying enabled the prompt month to recoverslightly in the afternoon. October ended the day down 10.3 cents at$2.138.

September 18, 1998

Technicals Turn Against Hopeful Bulls

The futures market again came under heavy selling pressure onWednesday as new bearish technical factors added to the alreadynegative fundamental outlook. The September contract never had achance, managing to post a high yesterday that matched Tuesday’slow, while slipping 6.6 cents to settle at $1.762. Estimated volumesubstantiated the price move, with a whopping 93,150 contractschanging hands.

August 27, 1998

Heat, Tight Supplies Boost Eastern Markets

Heavy air conditioning load and a tightening of supplyavailability not only generated a late rebound in bidweek pricesFriday but also pushed up last-of-May and early June aftermarketnumbers in nearly all Eastern, Gulf Coast and Midcontinent/Midwestmarkets. Waha and Permian Basin gas, supported by Texas andMidcontinent cooling demand, also was rising above index levels.But in the generally cool West, weekend and 1st-of-month swingprices tended to go down by a few cents.

June 1, 1998