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Heap of Negativity Spurs Weekend Price Declines

Former Hurricane Isabel was leaving a messy legacy in the Mid-Atlantic; mostly moderate to cool forecasts dominated the rest of the weather picture; an extra-big storage injection report had its usual day-later impact on the cash market; and of course trading was for the weekend, when industrial load normally slacks off. Small wonder, then, that Thursday’s declines gained downhill momentum and racked up further losses ranging from about a dime to 35 cents Friday.

September 22, 2003

Californians Heap Blame on FERC

California lawmakers and regulators — testifying in a publicsession two months before the general election — heaped the blamefor the state’s skyrocketing power prices on the Federal EnergyRegulatory Commission.

September 13, 2000

BP Amoco Cutting 3,000 More Jobs

BP Amoco added another 3,000 to the heap of 7,000 job cutsalready announced in the wake of the merger of British Petroleumand Amoco and in the midst of depressed oil and gas prices. Thenewest job cuts will be worldwide, and it is not yet known how manywill be in the United States. Last week the company also announcedreplacement cost operating profit for 1998 of $6,437 million, off39% from $10,583 in 1997.

February 22, 1999