Schlesinger Directory Shows Power Marketers Growing

The promise of retail energy marketing, but probably not thecurrent results, seems to be providing enough support to the gasand power marketing community that few have decided to exit thebusiness, according to the results of Benjamin Schlesinger andAssociates’ 12th edition of its Directory of Energy MarketingService Companies.

June 4, 1998

AGA: Customer Choice Widespread and Growing

More than 70% of gas consumed could be bought from suppliersother than local distribution companies under current and proposedLDC transportation programs, according to the American GasAssociation (AGA). But the choice option still is heavily weightedtoward large customers.

June 1, 1998

NGC Reorganizes Trading, Marketing Operations

NGC Corp. announced it is reorganizing its marketing and tradingoperations to reflect continued convergence of the gas and powerindustries and to “meet growing and different customer demands fora single source supplier.” In particular, the company announcedplans to combine the trading functions of Natural Gas Clearinghouseand Electric Clearinghouse, its gas and power marketing operations,and to make its gas liquids business a separate enterprise.

May 27, 1998

NGC Emphasizing Generation Ability

Look for NGC to focus its efforts on growing the powergeneration segment of its energy store concept of providing gas,power and gas liquids, CEO Chuck Watson told reporters in HoustonMonday. “We are going to optimize and strategically grow our powergeneration assets. Greater than 50%, probably almost 75%, of ouravailable cash flow in this company over the next several yearswill be in power generation, either greenfield projects, merchantplants, or in possibly acquiring some of these plants that are spunoff from the utilities over the next several years.”

April 21, 1998

NGC Growing Strong CA Presence

NGC Corp. touted several recent developments as evidence of itsstrong position in the California electricity marketplace.

April 20, 1998

Alaska LNG Project Aims for 2005-2010

Despite the growing interest by foreign markets and potentialinvestors in the proposed LNG portion of the Trans-Alaska GasSystem (TAGS), the May 22 deadline set by FERC for start-up of theconstruction of the export project will not be met, says thesponsor of the proposed facility. Yukon Pacific Co. L.P. has askedthe Commission to extend the deadline, which was set back in 1995,until May 2001, saying that a refusal by FERC would be a “serioussetback” and might cause it to abandon the LNG project altogether.

March 30, 1998

FERC Examines Procedures

Fearing that it might be growing dusty and staid, FERC earlierthis month kicked off a three-month, all-encompassing review of itsprocedures and processes “to try and keep current with the times,including a very changing energy marketplace that we regulate,”Chairman James Hoecker said.

February 23, 1998
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