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Colorado Unbundling Bill Awaits House Vote

Legislation prescribing voluntary unbundling of Colorado’s gasdistribution industry has now gone to a state House appropriationscommittee. The sponsor of SB 153, Sen. David T. Owen, said heexpects it to pass with little or no trouble. Unlike legislationthat unbundled Georgia’s gas industry, the Colorado legislationdoes not delve into specifics of unbundling but rather leaves themup to the state Public Utility Commission (PUC).

March 25, 1999

Deep-water Genesis Starts Production

The Genesis Project, a deep-water oil and natural gas platform, has gone into production in 2,600 feet of water in the Gulf ofMexico. The drilling and production platform, operated by Chevron,is expected to produce approximately 30,000 barrels of oil and morethan 20 MMcf/d during 1999. Production is planned to increase at asteady pace so that in 2000 Genesis will reach its peak productioncapacity of 55,000 barrels of oil and 72 MMcf/d.

February 2, 1999

Timid Futures Show Slight Drop

Here today; gone tomorrow was the prevailing mentality in thefutures arena yesterday when the coldest temperatures of the yearwere more than offset by forecasts calling for a warm-up by earlynext week. And as has been the case for most of the month, it wascash prices that not only led the way for the futures market, butalso notched a larger change on the day-where the January contracttrickled down, 2.2 cents to settle at $1.925, cash prices sank by adime on many pipes.

December 23, 1998
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