U.S., Central American Regulators for Alliance

Indicating how border-less the global economy is becoming,Kansas and Idaho have begun a regulatory partnership with CentralAmerica to promote energy interests.

July 20, 2000

PetroCosm Offers E-Commerce for Oil & Gas

The newest global business-to-business e-commerce marketplacefor the oil and gas industry, PetroCosm, went live on the Internetyesterday, offering a neutral marketplace for trading products andservices.

July 19, 2000

GE Purchases Gas Turbine Maker

GE Power Systems expanded its turbine manufacturing force withyesterday’s announced purchase of Weatherford Global CompressionServices’ Gemini division. Financial terms of the acquisition werenot disclosed.

December 22, 1999

Industry Brief

Conoco Global Power, Conoco’s power subsidiary, announced plansto build a $250 million, 420 MW cogeneration plant at Dupont’sSabine River Works facility near Orange, TX. Conoco also announceda 10-year tolling agreement with PG&E Energy Trading in whichthe San Francisco-based company will provide the 80-90 MMcf/d ofgas for the plant while gaining the right to dispatch up to 250 MWof the project’s output. The value of the tolling agreement was notdisclosed. Conoco will be the project manager during construction,then give way to Dupont, which will operate the facility when it isfinished. Commercial operations are scheduled to begin in 2001.”This is the largest agreement of this kind PG&E Energy Tradinghas in Texas. What’s more, this energy will be sold into theEntergy power grid, making it even more valuable,” said TonyChovanec, vice president of PG&E Energy Trading’s marketingoperations.

August 11, 1999

CanadianOxy Sells Assets to Combat Low Prices

Canadian Occidental Petoleum Ltd., an independent global energyand chemical company, sold oil and gas properties worth $370million in order to take the bite out of low commodity prices, thecompany said Wednesday. This brings CanadianOxy’s 1998 propertysales to $630 million. The company did not disclose who bought theproperties. An additional $235 million of sales are expected beforethe end of January 1999.

December 21, 1998

El Paso Boosts San Juan Compression, Throughput

El Paso Field Services said its Global Compression Project inthe San Juan Basin is now complete, providing producers with anadditional 40,000 horsepower of compression, new gas dehydrationfacilities and 54 miles of new pipeline looping.

October 1, 1998

Producers Can Meet 32 Tcf Market in 2015, GRI Says

Barring the potential for additional gas demand that couldresult from the Kyoto global-warming accord, the Gas ResearchInstitute (GRI) yesterday projected that domestic natural gasconsumption will rise by about 30%, or 9.5 quadrillion Btus(quads), to nearly 32 quads by 2015. It predicts that producers,both in the United States and Canada, will be able to meet thedemand challenge, but it conceded that the road ahead won’t be aneasy one.

August 25, 1998
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