Kentucky Utilities Choose Gas, Solar Over Coal

The decision comes after a competitive bidding process for the coal-dominated utilities.

October 7, 2013

Flexible NatGas Generation Said Key to California Utility Changes

Natural gas prices and flexible gas-fired power generation are two keys to California’s attempt to deal with the impact of more renewable-based and decentralized power supplies, according to the CEOs of Pacific Gas & Electric Co. (PG&E) and Southern California Edison Co. (SCE).

October 3, 2013
Gas-Fired Power Generation Down 14% Compared to 2012

Gas-Fired Power Generation Down 14% Compared to 2012

Total natural gas used for power generation in the United States was down 14% between January and July 2013 compared with the same seven month period in 2012, due primarily to higher gas prices relative to coal prices this year, according to a report issued Wednesday by the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

September 26, 2013

EPA GHG Rules for New Power Plants Speed Decline of Coal

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on Friday issued long-awaitedproposed rulesfor greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for new power plants, leaving gas-fired plants mostly unaffected but making construction of new coal-fired plants problematic.

September 23, 2013
Power Generation, Industrial Sectors to Expand Gas Demand, Experts Say

Power Generation, Industrial Sectors to Expand Gas Demand, Experts Say

If U.S. natural gas supplies are going to find a market, increased gas-fired power generation on both sides of the border with Mexico and a number of forgotten heavy industries are going to have to soak up huge chunks of the additional output from shales, according to energy analysts who appeared on a supply-demand panel at the LDC Gas Forum Mid-Continent meeting Monday in Chicago.

September 11, 2013

Industry Brief

As the start of a 15-year effort to replace 70% of current generation sources, including all out-of-state coal-fired power, theLos Angeles Department of Water and Poweris preparing to repower and upgrade Scattergood Generating Station near Los Angeles International Airport. The utility said the plant is part of a multi-billion-dollar modernization program to install more renewable and natural gas-fired generation, and to eliminate the use of sea water cooling in coastal plants like Scattergood.

August 29, 2013

Another 850 MW of Gas-Fired Generation Planned for Mexico

Ternium SA, Tenaris SA and Tecpetrol International SA have entered into a memorandum of understanding to build and operate a natural gas-fired combined cycle power plant in Mexico that would supply Ternium’s and Tenaris’s industrial facilities. Together the companies are one of the largest private energy consumers in Mexico. Tecpetrol is a subsidiary of San Faustin SA, the controlling shareholder of both Ternium and Tenaris.

August 20, 2013

TVA Acquiring More Gas-Fired Generation

The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has secured $400 million in financing in order to acquire the Southaven Combined Cycle Plant, a natural gas-fueled power plant in Desoto County, MS.

August 12, 2013

Portland General Eyes New Gas-Fired, Renewable Power

Portland General Electric (PGE) is pushing ahead with $1.3 billion in three major new generation projects, two of which will be natural gas-fired facilities, CEO Jim Piro said during an earnings conference call on Friday.

August 6, 2013
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