South Dakota Joins Push on Drilling Rules

Lacking anything like the Bakken to its north and not seeing a major new play on the horizon, South Dakota oil and natural gas authorities nevertheless have begun the process for upgrading the state’s exploration and production (E&P) regulations, including adding provisions addressing hydraulic fracturing.

December 24, 2012
Miss-Understood Lime ‘Unconventional Conventional’ Play

Miss-Understood Lime ‘Unconventional Conventional’ Play

What explorers know about the Mississippian Lime formation could fill a book. What they don’t know about the Midcontinent play could fill a few more, industry experts said Wednesday.

November 29, 2012

‘Tidal Wave Shift’ to Permian, Says Baker Hughes CEO

Baker Hughes Inc. CEO Martin Craighead said Tuesday the company sees a big expansion of oilfield services ahead in the Permian Basin, of late the mecca for operators looking for liquids-rich reserves in the old guard oil and gas formations.

April 25, 2012