No Fooling! Cash Market Stays on Bullish Streak

In trading for April Fool’s Day flows, cash prices weren’t joking around. Except for some close-to-flat Rockies points, Wednesday’s quotes for the start of the April aftermarket continued to post substantial double-digit gains that were larger than Tuesday’s end-of-March upticks in many cases. Non-Rockies points rose anywhere from about 15 cents to 35 cents.

April 1, 2004

Prices Continue to Sink With No Fundamental Backing

No fooling; the April aftermarket remains quite weak in its early days. San Juan Basin/Rockies quotes dipped as low as the $3.20s Monday amid an overall market dive that saw nearly all points dropping by a quarter or more. Only a moderate rise of a little more than a dime at the Southern California border, leaving it only about a dime shy of the April index, went against the overall softening tendency.

April 3, 2001

No Fooling, April Prices Up Again But Stalling

April swing prices showed even more strength Wednesday than theyhad in Tuesday’s trading for April Fool’s Day flow. Double-digitincreases were the order of the day at almost trading point.However, it appeared that numbers may have peaked for now sincesources reported that late deals were falling in most markets.That portends softening quotes today, they said.

April 2, 1998