Natural Gas Futures Remain Range-Bound as Petroleum Continues to Show Strength

Still floundering around in its recent trading range, which sits roughly between $6.500 and $7.500, May natural gas futures on Tuesday found early resistance at $7.020, located support a little later in the morning at $6.790, and traded between those two price levels for the remainder of the session before closing at $6.908, up 2.6 cents on the day.

April 12, 2006

Pennsylvania Gas Legislation in Limbo

Pennsylvania may have blazed the trail for state electricrestructuring, but it’s still floundering in the quagmire ofnatural gas unbundling. A legislative effort started last year byRep. Frank Tulli, Sen. Jeffrey E. Piccola and several other statelawmakers has stalled while stakeholders continue arguing overdetails in workgroups at the state Public Utility Commission andthe governor grapples with a tough decision over the potential lossof $120 million/year in gross receipts taxes.

October 5, 1998