Small E&P Develops Coalbed Methane in KY

Miller Petroleum Inc. announced Monday that it finished thetransportation system for what it calls the first commercialcoalbed methane project in Kentucky. The Huntsville,Tennessee-based company completed and started service on a 4.5mile, six-inch pipeline extension that draws 200-220 Mcf/d fromfour coalbed methane wells located in southeastern Kentucky. Thegas, which the company said rates 980 Btu/Mcf, will be injectedinto the Columbia pipeline system and sold by a third party. Fortymore wells are scheduled to be drilled on this site in 1999. Thecompany estimates the finding cost for the project to average$.35/Mcf.

December 29, 1998

Aftermarket Starts Mixed, But Many Are Bullish

Traders who hadn’t finished already wound up their July bidweekbusiness Tuesday and started looking for clues on aftermarketdirection. What they found in swing deals done for today only was amixed bag of flat to up or down slightly from bidweek levels. Butmany sources are expecting an overall strong aftermarket. There maybe some initial softness since the July Fourth holiday weekend isconsidered the lowest demand period of the year. But sources lookfor fundamental cooling load to support gas prices after that.

July 1, 1998

Pena Says DOE Restructuring Bill Nearly Complete

Departing Energy Secretary Federico Pena indicated yesterday thedepartment has nearly finished its work on the legislative proposalfor electricity restructuring, but other federal agencies arelagging behind in their input.

May 13, 1998

Prices Go Into Weekend Flat to Up About a Nickel

Cash numbers finished the week slightly higher as various pointsranged from flat to 5-6 cents higher Friday. It was difficult togeneralize with several regions containing both flat andnickel-higher points. The larger gains were seen at Henry Hub, TGTZone 1, Tennessee Zone 0, Columbia-Appalachia, Texas Eastern M-3and the Chicago citygate.

March 23, 1998
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