Trunkline Plans to Abandon Part of its Mainline

Trunkline Gas Co. filed plans with FERC yesterday to remove720-miles of its 26-inch diameter mainline from service permanentlybecause its system has been underutilized and is likely to facecontinued decontracting as more gas pipelines are built into theMidwest from western Canada. Trunkline said it plans to spin downthe asset to another Duke Energy affiliate for conversion tohydrocarbon vapor transportation. The line has the capacity totransport up to 255 MDth/d of gas from Longville, LA, to Bourbon,IL.

July 2, 1998

Columbia to Expand Mainline by 100,000 Dth/d

Columbia Gulf Transmission announced it has filed a request withFERC for authorization to expand its mainline by 100,000 Dth/d toaccommodate requests of 19 shippers, 14 of which will be new to thesystem. An open season late last year for Columbia’s Mainline ’99expansion yielded requests for 315,000 Dth/d of firmtransportation, most of which will be provided with existing systemcapacity. About 12,000 Dth/d that was turned back by existingshippers also will be used to serve the new requests.

June 9, 1998

Producers Petition for Review of Royalty Rulings

A Louisiana producer has challenged a decision by the InteriorBoard of Land Appeals (IBLA) that held it owes royalties not onlyon the sale of its production to a marketer at the wellhead, butalso on the amount paid to the marketer for selling that productiondownstream.

April 28, 1998

Great Lakes Files $620 Million Expansion

Great Lakes Gas Transmission filed a large but downsized versionof its original 1999-2000 expansion project with FERC last Fridayon behalf of a single shipper, TransCanada PipeLines. The projectis expected to cost $620 million and begin operating in November2000. The Great Lakes 300 Expansion will involve the addition of260 miles of 36-inch diameter pipeline loops, including a newunderwater crossing of the Straits of Mackinac, and seven newcompressors adding 180,000 hp of compression. Great Lakes’ systemcurrently transports about 2 Bcf/d of Canadian gas from Emerson,MB, through Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

March 31, 1998

Enogex Files to Combine Ozark, NOARK Systems

Enogex Interstate Transmission has filed an application withFERC to integrate and expand the recently purchased assets of OzarkGas Transmission, an interstate pipeline, and NOARK, an intrastate,into a new 749-mile Midcontinent interstate pipeline system. Theproject is designed to give NOARK customers greatly needed accessto new gas supplies, while providing Ozark shippers access todesperately needed new markets. Enogex, an interstate pipelinesubsidiary of Oklahoma City-based OGE Energy, recently purchasedOzark from NGC Corp. for more than $55 million and bought amajority interest in the NOARK Pipeline from Prudential Insuranceand a SEMCO Energy subsidiary for $30 million.

March 19, 1998

Tennessee Beefing Up Offshore Louisiana Lines

Tennessee Gas Pipeline has filed plans to increase capacity onsix separate pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico that together wouldrepresent an increase of over 720 MMcf/d in offshore lines owned byTennessee and other parties and a net increase in deliverabilityout of the Gulf of 200 MMcf/d.

February 13, 1998
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