Eastern Points Gain A Couple Pennies In Dull Trading; Futures Ease

Cash natural gas prices eased lower overall by a couple of pennies in featureless trading Monday. New England and eastern points were a couple of pennies higher, but Great Lakes locations were mixed, with changes within a couple of pennies of unchanged.

May 7, 2013

Christmas Eve Deals Are Few and Far Between

It’s a huge understatement to say that Tuesday’s market was rather featureless. Try virtually non-existent instead, which was to be expected on Christmas Eve.

December 26, 2002

Moderate Softening Trend Likely for Quite a While

What several sources believe may be an extended period of slow, often featureless and softer cash trading was launched Tuesday with all points on the same falling price page. Trends were more consistent across the entire market, with a large majority of points registering declines from a little less than a dime to about 15 cents. More modest drops tended to occur in non-Permian Basin western markets, while larger losses were recorded in the Northeast.

November 7, 2001

Bulls Still Like Chances Despite Bearish Weather Forecasts

Natural gas futures chopped lower yesterday in a tight, mostlyfeatureless session as traders continued to factor in the nowimminent threat of warming weather for much of the nation. Wideningits discount to outer months, the March contract was the hardesthit by the sell-off, tumbling 2.9 cents to finish at $2.541.Estimated volume was very modest, with just 44,670 contractschanging hands.

February 15, 2000

Cash Prices Drift a Little Lower in Quiet Market

Cash prices softened a bit Tuesday in mostly featureless tradingas major markets in the Midwest and Northeast cooled off. Themajority of points saw prices ranging from flat to down about anickel with no single region standing out as especially strong orweak. About the only exception to that general rule wasintra-Alberta, which started off around Monday’s C$2.04-05 averagebut quickly ramped up to near the top end of Monday’s range andwound up gaining about a nickel overall, a marketer reported. Forwhatever reason provincial field receipts have been lower thanexpected this week, she said, although only a few plants are stillundergoing annual turnaround maintenance.

July 29, 1998