4Q2019 Earnings: Southern Company’s Future Riding on Natural Gas, Nukes and Renewables, CEO Says

Atlanta-based Southern Co. sees natural gas providing a U.S. energy bridge stretching beyond 2050, combined with a growing portfolio of both nuclear and renewable resources.

February 21, 2020

Discoveries, Disputes Grow in NW Territories,

Discoveries are approaching 1 Tcf in a southern portion of theNorthwest Territories, which is emerging as Canada’s hottest newnatural-gas drilling play, fanning flames under a simmeringregulatory and political dispute over pipeline service throughAlberta.

June 1, 1999

Dominion Fishes Deals Upstream and Down

Fanning the flames of the convergence-consolidation bonfire,Dominion Resources (DRI) last week announced two plannedacquisitions that would add both wellheads and burner tips, not tomention assets in between.

March 1, 1999