Koch Denied Market-Based Rates

FERC yesterday ruled that Koch Gateway Pipeline failed to meetthe burden of proof in its request for market-based rate fortransportation services, causing it to reverse a 1997 initialdecision by an administrative law judge.

September 30, 1998

El Paso, Edison Dispute Decision on Turnback Accord

El Paso Natural Gas has asked FERC to overturn a July ALJinitial decision that found it failed to “seriously confront thepotential impact of…turned-back capacity on the remainingcustomers on its system and take adequate steps to remarket thecapacity” when it first learned that Southern California Gas (SoCalGas) planned to step down its capacity commitment effective January1996. If upheld by the Commission, El Paso would be required toshoulder the costs for half of the 300 MMcf/d of capacity that theLDC turned back.

September 8, 1998

Only California, Rockies See Substantial Rebound

Except for a couple of Western regions, cash prices Mondayfailed to realize the strong post-holiday recovery from Thursday’splunging numbers that sources had expected. Weakness in the futuresscreen acted as an obvious drag on Eastern prices, which weremostly flat to less than a nickel higher. And one trader felt thelarger upticks in the Rockies and San Juan Basin and at theCalifornia border were more a case of “them being so weak justprior to the holiday” than any great strength in Western markets.

July 7, 1998

Where’s the Expiration Related Nymex Volatility?

The June Nymex natural gas contract failed to show thevolatility normally associated with the final trading days of a gascontract by limiting itself to a narrow five cent trading range onTuesday. This tight trading band held June to a slight 0.1 centgain to $2.095.

May 27, 1998

Charges Wipe Out PacifiCorp 1Q Earnings

The cost of PacifiCorp’s failed attempt to buy Britain’s TheEnergy Group showed up in its first quarter earnings report. Thecompany reported first quarter 1998 earnings on common stock of$104 million, or 35 cents/share, excluding $70 million charge forU.S. job cuts, and a $54 million charge for the terminated bid forEnergy Group. Including these charges, the Company reported a losson common stock of $20 million, or 7 cents/share.

May 6, 1998

April Futures Slip Back Below $2.15

The April Nymex contract once again failed to break above majorresistance at $2.19 on Tuesday, and as a result, the spot monthfinished the day down 3.2 cents to $2.137. Total estimated volumecame in at 34,371.

March 11, 1998

Technicals Push April Futures Lower

The April Nymex contract fell 2.9 cents to $2.292 on Monday,following the spot month’s failed attempt to clear a majorresistance level. “April was in a two hurdle race today, but ittripped on the second hurdle,” a trader told GPI. “On the one hand,April was able to break out of the symmetrical triangle formationby moving above $2.34. However, April immediately fell back once itfilled in the chart gap at $2.355. There were quite a few standingsell orders at that price, so it’s no wonder the contract fellback,” he said.

March 3, 1998
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