Mexico’s Electricity Reform Not Expected Soon

Tax reform is taking front seat to electricity reform in Mexico, and officials say that hope is fading to change the country’s state-run power sector until the next session of congress convenes in September. The current congress adjourns April 30.

April 10, 2001

Lack of Load Softens East a Bit; Most of West Soars

While the East looked around and, seeing nearly all appreciable weather load fading fast, decided to sit tight or retreat a bit price-wise Wednesday, most western points were soaring in a frenzy of buying. California and Rockies pipes saw spikes that often hit triple digits. Only flatness in the Pacific Northwest and at a couple of Permian Basin points, along with a downturn for intra-Alberta numbers, belied the overall western strength.

April 5, 2001

A Few Northeast Citygates Again Defy Softer Trend

For the most part, a bearish trend in the fading December swingmarket once again held sway Thursday. With the continuing exceptionof rises at some Northeast citygates, most points registered pricedrops between about a dime and 50 cents. California, Sumas andTransco Zone 6 (non-NYC) led the way with triple-digit declines.

December 29, 2000

Storms, Options Exert Bearish Influence on Futures

Feeding off Wednesday’s weakness and reflecting fading concernsthat any of the three tropical systems would reach the gas-richGulf of Mexico, the futures market tumbled lower yesterday as bothcommercial and speculative traders exited long positions. Theresultant price slide left the September contract just penniesabove its $2.90 low for the week and turned several bulls intoshort-term bears. The prompt month finished 8.2 cents lower at$2.948 shortly after notching a $2.93 low late in the session.

August 27, 1999
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