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ANR Pipeline signed agreements with Wisconsin Public ServiceCorp. (WPSC) that will result in the extension to 2010 of firmnatural gas transportation and storage service agreements that werescheduled to expire over the next three years. “These contractextensions reinforce the strong relationship that Wisconsin PublicService and ANR have shared for many years,” said Jeffrey A.Connelly, president and CEO of ANR and senior vice president,natural gas, of parent Coastal Corp. “Wisconsin Public Service isconfident these contracts will continue to provide our customerswith reliable natural gas service at competitive rates into thenext millennium,” said Patrick D. Schrickel, president and chiefoperating officer of Wisconsin Public Service Corporation. Theagreements are subject to regulatory approvals. WPSC is acombination gas and electric utility serving about 225,000 gascustomers and 380,000 electric customers in an 11,000-square-mileservice territory in Wisconsin and upper Michigan.

November 16, 1999

TransColorado Tests Phase 2, Expects First Flows in Feb.

TransColorado Gas Transmission started pressuring up it Phase 2extension into western Colorado last week and expects to begintransportation services from the northern Rockies to the San JuanBasin some time next month, pending FERC approval of its ratedesign.

January 18, 1999

Mueser Questions Hebert’s Objectivity in Alabama Project

Environmental activist Anne Marie Mueser, taking her battleagainst Sonat’s northern Alabama extension one step further, hasaccused Commissioner Curt Hebert Jr. of potentially compromisinghis impartiality in the case by corresponding with the pipeline andother supporters of the project. She suggested that Hebert, whovoted for an amended certificate for the Sonat project last week,should have considered recusing himself from the case [see relatedstory].

November 2, 1998

Producers Seek Extension of Refund Deadline

A group of natural gas producers and marketers has asked FERC toextend until July 9th the deadline for producer payments of anestimated $500 million in customer refunds. The refunds, which aredue March 9th, are owed to customers who purchased gas produced inKansas during the 1980s at costs that, because they included thestate’s ad valorem tax, exceeded the level allowed under theNatural Gas Policy Act (NGPA).

February 25, 1998
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