Railcar Explodes at BASF Plant in Freeport, TX

A railcar containing ammonia and two other chemicals exploded Friday morning at a BASF chemical plant in Freeport, TX, Four employees who received only minor injuries, reportedly were the only casualties. The explosion, which rocked homes and businesses as far away as 50 miles, shut down nearby highways, and area schools and residents were ordered to remain inside because of possible gas clouds.

September 16, 2002

1,600 Virginians Without Heat after Line Explodes

United Cities Gas Co.’s two-inch diameter, 7.2 MMcf per hour gasline that connects with a town border station in Wytheville, VAexploded Sunday morning, destroying a house and business. No onewas killed in the accident, but 1,600 residents of Wytheville hadtheir heat cut off and some have not had it restored. The cause ofthe fire is still under investigation.

January 5, 1999

Sumas Figuratively Explodes to $20-Plus Pricing

Sumas was making waves in the gas market earlier in the week bybeing the first point to exceed $3 pricing in this winter season.But it was tsunami time Friday as the $3 level was left way behind.How does paying $25/Mcf for Canadian supplies grab you?

December 21, 1998