Pipelines Accommodate Expanded Market

Serving a projected 30 Tcf natural gas market in 2010 willrequire “substantial” expansion of the existing interstate pipelineand storage infrastructure, but the level of construction isn’texpected to be out of line with what the two areas have experiencedin recent years, according to a study released last week by INGAAFoundation Inc. This means that pipe and compressor manufacturersand construction contractors shouldn’t face any problems in meetingthe demand, it said.

February 1, 1999

CA Utilities Shop Internet-Based Retail Marketplace

California’s pioneering Internet-based retail gas market, theEnergy Marketplace, expanded earlier this month to include some ofthe largest energy users in the state and is planning a furtherexpansion into electricity marketing later this year. The plan ofdeveloper Southern California Gas Co. and partners Pacific Gas andElectric Co. and San Diego Gas and Electric Co. is to ultimately gonational with a network of other utilities in the South andNortheast.

October 23, 1998

Attorney Calls for Expanded Certification Process

FERC’s let-the-market-decide approach for certificating newpipeline projects isn’t well suited for all cases, said a leadingenergy attorney last week. With some projects, it hasn’t been “goodenough so additional analysis [by FERC] might be required” before apipeline can win a certificate.

October 12, 1998

FERC Approves Expanded NorAm Pooling

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission last week gave NorAmGas Transmission the go-ahead to proceed with its plan to doublethe number of pooling areas on its system, effective April 1,subject to FERC review of a tariff filing outlining the poolboundary changes.

April 6, 1998

Coral Expands Westward With Two Deals

Coral Energy expanded its gas and power marketing enterprisewith two West Coast acquisitions, which complement its Canadian gassupply position.

April 3, 1998
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