Dominion Resources’ Capps Doubts PUHCA Repeal Will Revive Utility M&A

Merger and acquisition activity in the electric utility industry is practically non-existent in the wake of the turmoil that has exposed the frail financial underpinnings of some companies, says the head of Dominion Resources Inc., one of the few power and natural gas companies to survive the industry upheaval intact and whose stock still remains in the double digits.

September 22, 2003

Christmas Eve Deals Are Few and Far Between

It’s a huge understatement to say that Tuesday’s market was rather featureless. Try virtually non-existent instead, which was to be expected on Christmas Eve.

December 26, 2002

‘Storm Hype’ Non-existent as Weekend Prices Soften

“No storm hype here,” a Gulf Coast producer said Friday morning in classic understatement. Usually the approach of a tropical storm toward the Gulf of Mexico production area is a surefire guarantee of higher gas prices, but it was not to be this time. Despite the likelihood of increasing offshore shut-ins over the weekend, traders sent cash prices lower by anywhere from a couple of cents to nearly 30 cents at border-SoCalGas; most declines were on either side of a dime.

August 6, 2001

Storage Report, Screen Presage Renewed Cash Weakness

New price movement was close to non-existent in almost the entire cash market Wednesday. Only a PG&E citygate uptick, a border-SoCalGas decline and mild Rockies softening provided variation in what was otherwise near-uniform flatness.

May 17, 2001

New Quotes Essentially Non-Existent Thursday

As expected, Christmas Eve was pretty much a non-event in thecash market. Virtually all holiday weekend business through todayhad been taken care of Wednesday, and though a number of tradersdid put in brief appearances at the office Thursday, they didlittle more than check what futures was doing in an abbreviatedtrading session. “We had to come in for the first half of the dayor else count it as a whole vacation day,” one marketer commented.

December 28, 1998

Study Calls Gas Unbundling a ‘Minimal Success’

Given the “slim to non-existent gross margins” for marketers,retail gas unbundling at the state level has been a “minimalsuccess” at best so far, according to the results of a study ofmore than 100 LDCs released earlier this week.

August 14, 1998