Partners Developing Gas-to-Liquids Technology

Rentech Inc. of Denver signed an exclusive agreement withPhoenix Gas Systems LLC (PGS) of Long Beach, CA, to develop amodular system to produce liquid hydrocarbons from gas and othercarbon-bearing materials. Rentech developed a process to convertgas, solid, and liquid carbon-bearing materials into super-clean,high-value fuels, products and chemicals. Products includesulfur-free, aromatic free diesel fuel (Ecodiesel), naphtha andwaxes. The process is known as the Fischer-Tropsch (FT) process orGas-to-Liquids (GTL). The naphtha and diesel fuel produced areideal fuels for the “advanced fuel cell” concept currently beingdeveloped for use in transport and utility vehicles.

March 31, 1999

Sempra Inks Energy Deal with Lockheed Martin

Sempra Energy has signed a comprehensive multi-million-dollar,five-year deal with Lockheed Martin Corp. to be its exclusiveenergy provider in 26 eastern states. Lockheed Martin expects tofinalize a similar deal for its western facilities with Enron sometime in March, according to Lockheed Martin energy manager SamJohnson.

February 22, 1999

EES Gets Taken Out To the Ballgame

Enron Energy Services Inc. (EES) will be the exclusive providerof electricity and energy and facilities management services forthe San Francisco Giants through a 10-year energy commodityagreement and a 15-year management contract for Pacific Bell Park.

December 7, 1998
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