Industry Brief

Blaze Energy Corp. said it has settled a dispute with Environmental Energy Services Inc. (EESV), exchanging subsidiary EESV Fayetteville Inc. and associated outstanding notes for EESV’s 76% stake in the company, in a stock deal valued at $1.9 million. Under the first phase of a reorganization plan, the Boise, ID-based company — which is not affiliated with Calgary-based Blaze Energy Ltd. — also accepted the resignations of all but one of its employees and canceled the lease for its corporate offices.

May 1, 2013

Calpine, Rosetta Reach $97M Settlement, 10-Year Gas Deal

In a deal exchanging disputed oil/gas properties for cash, Calpine Corp. late Wednesday said it had settled its remaining differences with Rosetta Resources Inc., its spinoff to which it sold the bulk of its oil and natural gas properties in the summer of 2005 (see Daily GPI, June 30, 2005). As part of the settlement, Calpine gets a $97 million payment and Rosetta obtains “certain residual oil and gas properties” and a 10-year supply pact from Calpine.

October 24, 2008